I can’t believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what little Christmas gift I might be able to take to some ladies in my neighborhood, that have many food restrictions. The cold, dry winter weather was really chapping my lips one particular day and as I reached for my lip balm I thought that this was the gift. Who doesn’t need a soothing lip balm this time of year?!?

I remember seeing the cutest gift tag ideas for these EOS lip balms. There are stars on trees, or reindeer noses, or christmas ornaments, but the problem with that idea is you have to have a particular lip balm color.

I bought my lip balms in a combo pack at Costco and knew I wanted to do something to match the colors I had bought. I stumbled upon these adorable tags by Rebecca over at her blog, Simple As That. I absolutely loved what she created, but I didn’t have cute matching twine lying around my house to tie them up in little cellophane packages. So I went to work recreating what she made, but making a few changed that made them work better for me.

I began by making the tag big enough to attach the lip balm directly to the tag; I added a guide on where to cut to make the exact size circle to fit the lip balm. I also added a little purple to the tag because one of the lip balms in my EOS 6-pack was purple. You're The Balm


Here is how to put together these adorable little gifts . . .

Begin by printing the tags (download the PDF below). I printed mine on photo paper, but cardstock would work as well. If you use normal printer paper, I imagine the lip balm would be too heavy and could rip the tag.

You're The Balm

Now cut the tags out, along with the circle inside the blue/green striped area.You're The Balm

You're The Balm

Now here’s how to attach the lip balm to the tag. . . Open the lip balm and place the cut-out circle area over the open lip balm. It should fit perfectly. Now twist the top on and it’s done. The lid of the lip balm attaches the tag snuggly in place.You're The Balm

You're The Balm

Now you don’t need to worry about keeping a package tied up just perfect and a tag being torn off by little helping hands. The gift and tag are one. Perfection!You're The Balm