Watching a friend struggle with a hard challenge in their life can be excruciating. You want to help them, but there isn’t anything that can be done. It’s just a curve ball that has been thrown in their path. My husband has 2 friends that are both experiences particularly hard times right now. He has mentioned to me several¬†times how he wishes there was something he could do, but there just isn’t. Yesterday I was making cookies with the kids and I realized how much a warm cookie can warm the soul. Then I realized why not give a tasty homemade treat to these 2 friends with just a little note saying that we care and are thinking of them.

So the boys and I whipped up a few of our famous cookies and put them in a bag with a cute tag tied on.

We started by printing out the tags. Cut them out right next to the navy border. Hole punch over the small circle. Then, tie the ribbon onto the bag. Next, thread both ribbon ends through the tag and tie again. Perfect.Thinking of You Tags

Thinking of You Tags

Here is the adorable printable . . . {Note: I printed my tags onto a 4×6 photo print to make them glossy. So I have attached a 4×6 version and a regular 8.5×11 version.}

This is the 4×6 version; It has 2 tags per printable.Thinking of You Tags


Thinking of You 4×6

The 8.5×11 version can be printed on a glossy photo paper, card stock, or just regular printer paper; It has 6 tags per printable. Enjoy!

Thinking of You 8.5x11


Thinking of You 8.5×11