I recently posted a tutorial on how I made my kids’ customized magnetic chore charts . To go along with the chore charts, I made picture magnets so that even my younger children that can’t read know how to help around the house.

Magnetic Chore Charts

Here’s how I made them . . .


Purchase Finished Magnets

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Step 1: Chore Picture Printable

Download PDF file below and print it on photo paper or cardstock. Regular printer paper is too thin and it will show your magnet through from the back. Download-Icon-click-225x300Now cut out each chore along the lines.


Step 2: Glaze Picture

I tried a few techniques for these magnets and here is the best way. . .

Apply a very small amount of glaze on the entire back of the glass tile. (Don’t do a drop of glaze in the middle and then push the picture on creating the glaze to spread out to all the sides. This will cause your ink to “run” and create a blurry picture. Trust me, I tried it.) Chore Picture Magnets

Chore Picture Magnets

Once the glaze is on the entire tile, I place my picture face up on a paper towel and then push the tile directly on the picture. The extra glaze will leak out a little and the paper towel will instantly absorb it. Now I leave it right there and allow it to dry for a few minutes.Chore Picture Magnets


Step 3: Attach Magnet

Once the glaze is set up, it only takes a few minutes, I attach the magnet to the back using a tiny amount of super glue. (Put a tiny amount of glue in the center of the back and press magnet on glue.)


Step 4: Start Tracking

That’s it! You are now ready to keep track who is doing what job and your kids are ready to track what chores they have finished. Enjoy!Chore Picture Magnets

Magnetic Chore Charts

You can make my opportunity magnet board to hang above to keep your unused magnet chores easily accessible.Chore Magnets