Hi. I’m Genevieve. I have to admit that I have been putting off writing this page for some time. I love to share what I have made and steps on how you can achieve the exact same thing I have made. That being said, I like to stay out of the spotlight. I think that is why I love to blog so much. I don’t need to be seen face-to-face to explain how to craft, sew, cook, beauty tips, or tricks with raising kids. I can just post the information right from the comfort of my computer and in my favorite sweat pants or pajamas.

First of all, I love my name and why I have it. I was named after my amazingly hard-working great-grandmother. She loved a good project and was known to shut herself in a room until she finished what she started. I have been told a million times how a like her and I are. I can’t wait to meet her one day…

This blog is about what it is like to be me. Hence the name, Being Genevieve. I am a licensed Cosmetologist and have a degree in accounting, but spend all my time being a mom. I am a perfectionist, but have to admit that my standards are changing slightly with four little boys running around the house. I love to create – sewing, crafting, painting, cooking, hair styling, vinyl cutting, organizing, cleaning, etc. I love to stay active. If I’m not chasing and playing with boys, cleaning, or crafting – I jump on the treadmill. I love to have a good hard run. It makes me more energetic and ready to keep up with everything that can go on in a day. I have just started to get into photography; I want to document my kids growing up, but also want the pictures to be pleasing to the eye. So I have started to play around with the art of photography.

Random Accomplishments: I won Best in State (Utah) at a nail competition; for nail application and nail art while in beauty school. I won 2 regional nail art competitions, also while in beauty school. I ran the 400m at the State Track Meet (Utah), while a junior in high school.



I am a mother of 5 very active boys (Levi not pictured). They keep me very busy and make my life more exciting; either with running around and playing all kinds of silly games to cleaning up spills. We all are members and attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.About Me

Braxton is 9 years old. He is my helper. I can always count on him to help with whatever I need. He is very talented with music, story telling and a great memory. He can sing songs he has heard only a few times. He can remember anything he ever heard or seen. He also loves to build and create. We have more Legos in this house than I want to admit to. He is very caring and thoughtful. BUT he is my very shy boy – I am afraid he took after me in this. 

About Me

Jace is 7 years old. He is adventurous and not afraid to try anything. Which keeps me on my toes. He has amazing balance and loves all sports. He is an expert bike rider and loves all thing police. Jace loves the spotlight. He will do anything to get everyone’s attention and a good laugh. He may be wild and full of fun, but he does know when to sit down and snuggle. Jace is also my “little adult”. Ever since a young age, he has acted older than his peers. He is very independent, strong-willed and wants to be looked at as someone who can take care of hisself.

About Me

Timothy is 5 years old. He is our bright, blue-eyed boy that is everyones crush. He is cute and he knows it, he uses it to his advantage. He is spunky, wild and to be honest our hardest child. He knows just what buttons to push and is always testing my limits. He is also my most vocally loving child, he tells me at least 3 times a day how much he loves me, with a big kiss or hug around the neck. Out of all four boys, he is the snuggliest.

About Me

Cooper is 3 years old. He is a complete sweet heart. He is our happy and content child. Cooper is in the discovery stage and is always watching for someone to forget to close the bathroom door or leave a childproof lock off a cupboard. He is just getting into the phase of tackling his brothers. He may be small, but he can defend himself. He is very loved by all his brothers.About Me

Levi is our baby. He is 3 months old and is loved by all his brothers. He has just started to smile and laugh. He is the most content baby we have ever had.About Me

Kevin is my amazingly supportive and hard-working husband. The boys can’t wait for him to come home at the end of the day. Kevin helps me with with any project I might need, all the way from sawing wood to pinning up my skirt that I need to hem. He is always encouraging me when I feel too shy to make new friends or whenever I get frustrated on a project. He has a knack for the creativity that photography needs and I am slowly learning what to look for with help from him. He secretly wants to purchase a lot of land and become a hobby Bison rancher. About Me

We also have a 6 year old great dane, Lady. She is a lover! The boys love to play catch or jump on the tramp with her – yes she loves to jump on the tramp, it’s actually quite a sight to see a great dane jumping on a trampoline. She is very protective of her boys as if they were her own puppies. She is also a sleeper. She sleeps about 18 hours a day and will lay down anywhere, as long as she is in the same room as everyone else, which can be a hazard considering how much room she takes up when sprawled out. If you need a family dog I HIGHLY recommend looking into a great dane. She couldn’t be more gentle with the kids.About Me

We also have a 1 year old great dane, Dane. He is definitely a teenage boy right now. He is destroying everything and is trying my patience to the max. BUT he is a lover and allows all the kids to lay on him to take naps.

About Me


As a family we love the summer months because it means we can go hiking, biking, visiting national parks, basically doing anything outside. We love visiting Yellowstone the most, which is convenient since Kevin’s parent’s live only 90 miles from the west entrance.


My grandmother owns a cabin on the east shore at Bear lake. We love to visit it as many times as we can in the summer. It is right on the beach which makes it wonderful for the boys to play in the sand and water with only having to walk our the back door. When my grandfather was alive he took great pride in his tractor up at the cabin. In recent years the tractor has stopped working. The boys now love to sit on the big tractor and pretend to drive it around the cabin.



I grew up in a family of all sisters. I was the fourth out of five girls. I have just come to realize, now that I have four little boys of my own, how different boys and girls really are. My parents taught us all about dressing modestly and being our best selves. I would love to introduce my family to you and explain a little about each. About Me

My parents:

My father, Ned, has a dry sarcastic sense of humor and rarely laughs at his own jokes, which makes it hard for me to know when he is serious or kidding. (I have a hard time detecting sarcasm, aka gullible/trusting.) He is a wonderful cook and has a talent for smoking meats. He loves all of his girls and is very patient after having to teach five girls how to drive an old truck with a clutch.

My mother, Marilyn, knows all about girls. She also came from a family of all sisters. She is loving and is always around to talk whenever we need a friend and/or mother. She was a wonderful role-model growing up. She taught me what it meant to be a good mother. I can remember countless times standing on a chair in the kitchen watching her make dinner and being excited to see how she made each part of the meal.

My sisters:

Nellie is my oldest sister and is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She knows exactly how every sister is doing and what is going on in their lives. I have to admit that she is the sister that is the most fun. She loves great music and dancing to her own beat. She has a deep love of traveling and can appreciate a good vacation. If you ask anyone that knows her they will tell you that she is so much fun and very enjoyable to be around. She is also know as the favorite aunt. Note: She has a degree in Home and Family Sciences.Nellie

Angie is my next sister. She is the sister that I can count on to tell me the truth about anything. She isn’t going to beat around the bush or let you go out in public wearing something that looks silly. Her and I share a love of crafts. She is married to Dan and they have 4 children. Ruby is their oldest and very sweet. Nate is naturally talented in any and all sports. Caroline is their heavenly daughter who has already passed on out of this earthly life. Elsie is a snuggler. Note: She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism.About Me

Alison is the sister I am closest with. We shared a room together growing up until we were in high school. She is my sister that is the best read. She has a wonderful vocabulary and is very caring. She can always tell you what the best book is to read. She shares a love for crafting and for finding cute home decor items. I can always count on her to go shopping with me. She is married to Travis and they have 3 children. Bode is friendly and loves to be with his cousins and can’t wait to play with the boys. Trey is very honest and makes you work for his friendship. Claire is a girly-girly and loves to play dress-up. Note: She has a degree in Special Education: Sever Disabilities emphasis.About Me

I am next in line. Scroll to the beginning for a little about me.About Me

Erin is my youngest sister. I would do anything to protect her. She has always been known as the peanut in our home. She is my sister who I can turn to in a time of need. She has a gift to help those who are struggling with trials in their lives. She has the strength to overcome anything. She has recently begun blogging, like me, and has starting playing around with crafts. She is married to Chadd and has a 2 children. Rose is a very sweet girl that acts like a little mommy. Kenny is all boy and loves trucks.About Me

I love my sisters and think of them as some of my best friends! Thank you for visiting my site and check back later to see if I have added more to my About Me page . . .About Me