My boys could not love the Wild Kratt brothers (on PBS) more. They are constantly running around acting like Chris and Martin {they even call each other Chris and Martin on occasion}. So when Halloween was getting close I asked if they wanted me to make creature power vests for their costumes, you should have heard the excited screams echoing throughout our house. So here we are . . .Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits


Note: Prewash and dry all fabrics. I then ironed the black shirts flat to create creases into the sides of the shirt, you will see why later in this post.

Step 1: Black Vest

I measured down from the arm pits (on both sides) 4-1/2″ — for size 4/5  -OR-  down 5″ — for size 6/7. I then drew a straight line using my boys’ sidewalk chalk, which works amazing by the way. Now in the center of the shirt I went up 1″ and connected it (with straight lines) on to the sides of your first line. Now measure down 3/4″ in the center and round that into the sides of the first line.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits 001

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Cut both sides (front and back) of the shirt 1/2″ down from the bottom curved line. Now only cut the front/top of the shirt 1/2″ down from the upper pointed line. (Note: The half inch is for the hem allowance.)Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Also, cut off the sleeves of the shirt along the original seam.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Now iron up (all the edges you cut off) 1/4″ and then roll over another 3/8″ and really press a good crease. Pin in place to make sewing MUCH easier.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Sew the seams 1/4″ and then go back and sew another seam between that stitch and the center of the shirt, to give a double stitch look.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Step 2: Applique

Iron heat’n bond onto the back of some of the fabric. Once heat’n bond is applied, cut out all the circles and strips using my PDF pattern below.

Shoulder Strips: Center the bigger of the two pieces over the shoulder seam. Iron into place. Iron smaller piece right below that on the front side of the shirt.

Side Strips: Center the bigger of the three pieces right below the armpit, centered on that crease that you ironed at the beginning. Iron into place. Now place the 1/2″ piece below that, iron into place. Now the 1/4″ piece, iron into place.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Circles: I just eyed where I wanted my circles. You can measure to ensure they end up centered, but I didn’t. Then iron into place. Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Download Icon

Wild Kratt Template Pattern. Contains all the pattern pieces you will need.

Now I appliquéd all the pieces into place by using a blanket stitch that my machine does. (Note: You probably don’t have to sew into place if this is just for costume wear, but I foresee my kids wearing these vests for hours and hours, everyday, after Halloween is over.)Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Step 3: Gloves

I made my own bias tape out of the matching fabrics by cutting a strip at an angle (along the bias) so that the fabric will have some stretch to it. I cut mine 2″ x ~10″. Now iron into bias tape, if not sure how to iron into bias tape please view this posting where I made bias tape. Now pin along the top of the glove and stitch into place. Note: This was harder to do than I originally thought it would be. My stitch line wasn’t perfect, but no one will be looking that closely, so no worries.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Now heat’n bond on your circles to the glove. You will need to make sure you use ultra hold heat’n bond for this because you won’t be appliquéing/stitching the circles on.Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

“What If . . . “

Step 4: Disks

I cut a 1″ piece of velcro, soft side, and placed in the center of the big circle of the vest and stitched into place.

I then printed out these disks, cut them and had them laminated. I stuck a piece of 1″ sticky backed velcro, scratchy side, on to the middle of the back of the disk. For Halloween, I made me Monarch Butterfly wings. So to have the boys and I match, I made a creature power disk of a Monarch Butterfly.

UPDATE: The discs I used are no longer available. So I created the discs at the bottom of the post. Just download the ZIP file that you can print out and laminate.

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

There you have it! All done. Phew … and I have a few days to spare before Halloween. It’s not Halloween yet, but my boys have been wearing their vest everywhere, even running around in the evenings and mornings over the top of their pajamas. Nothing is more exciting and rewarding, after the late nights of sewing, than seeing your kids truly happy. Enjoy!Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits

Wild Kratt Creature Power Suits


Download the Creature Power Discs Here . . .