I love my butterfly costume that I made last year. It can easily just be slipped on when we are in a hurry and I’m ready to head out the door with my kids. But if I have an extra second I love to slip on some bug antennes to complete the look. I made these antennae in about a minute. I wrapped two black pipe cleaners on a pencil to give a curled look. Manipulated the curl just a little to get the look I was going for. I then wrapped the pipe cleaners onto a black headband¬†about 2-3 inches from each other.Butterfly

I then wrap the rest of the headband in pipe cleaners, including the area between the antennae pieces; This will keep the antennae from moving around the headband. It anchors them securely in place. Wrapping the rest of the headband in pipe cleaners also gives the headband a fuzzy bug look. That’s it!

Butterfly Costume