Our house is all boy; We have no dolls, no princess accessories, and no frilly tutu skirts. What do you expect with four boys ages 7 to 1 running around?!? Legos on the other hand are a big part of our lives in this house. For Christmas, I thought it would be fun for my boys to share something they love with their friends, but legos can be expensive. After doing a little looking around, I found these adorable silicone lego molds that others have used to make little lego crayons. After making more than 60 lego crayons I have come up with the perfect way on how to make your own lego crayons. Here’s how . . .DIY Lego Crayons

Step 1: Preheat Oven

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees before preparing all of the crayons.


Step 2: Remove Paper

Taking the paper off of all those old crayons can be very time consuming. BUT if the crayons are placed in a little lukewarm water for a few minutes the paper just slides right off.DIY Lego Crayons

DIY Lego Crayons

Step 3: Arrange in Molds

Break the crayons into pieces and place into the molds.

For the BLUE mold, each lego shape takes 1 regular size crayon.

For the GREEN mold, each smaller lego shape takes 1-1/2 crayons. The large lego shape takes 8 crayons; I used 2 yellow crayons, 3 orange crayons, and 3 blue crayons.

For the YELLOW mold, each lego brick shape takes 3 crayons.DIY Lego Crayons

DIY Lego Crayons

Step 4: Bake

Bake the crayons at 300 degrees.

For the BLUE mold, bake for 5-15 minutes. –CraZart takes 5 minutes. Crayola takes 10 minutes. Jot (the Dollar Store brand) takes 15 minutes.–

For the GREEN mold, bake for 10-20 minutes. –CraZart takes 10 minutes. Crayola takes 15 minutes. Jot (the Dollar Store brand) takes 20 minutes.–

For the YELLOW mold, bake at 15-25 minutes. –CraZart takes 15 minutes. Crayola takes 20 minutes. Jot (the Dollar Store brand) takes 25 minutes.–

Note: Bake times differ depending on the crayon brand.DIY Lego Crayons

DIY Lego Crayons

Step 5: Cool & Remove

The crayons take about 25-45 minutes to cool. –Jot (the Dollar Store) takes about 25 minutes to cool. Crayola takes about 35 minutes to cool. CraZart takes about 45 minutes to cool.–

Note: The crayons that melt the fastest take the longest to cool.

After the crayons are completely cool remove them from the molds. If a crayon cracks because it is was not cool enough, just put it back into the oven and re-melt it for a few minutes.DIY Lego Crayons

Step 6: Smooth/Melt Edges

Once the crayon has been removed, you will notice that the back of the crayon can have a ridge around the edges. DIY Lego Crayons

Place the crayon down, with the back side on a warm skillet, and move around until slightly melted.

DIY Lego Crayons

Then immediately wipe the warm back of the crayon onto a paper towel. This will create a smooth back to the crayon. Also, wipe out the pan with a paper towel while the wax is still warm.

DIY Lego Crayons

Step 7: Package

Now these adorable crayons are ready to be wrapped up and given to friends for Christmas, valentines, birthday, or even placed into Christmas stockings. Enjoy! Curious on how to wrap up these cute little guys? Check out my Lego Crayon Tags that I created! They turned out just as adorable as the lego crayons!DIY Lego Crayons

DIY Lego Crayons

Lego Crayon Tags