Last week, at the elementary school was Red Ribbon (Drug-Free) Week. For everyday of the week, the PTA comes up with fun things for the kids to do/dress-up. Example: Crazy sock day, crazy hat day, wear your favorite team jersey day, mismatch day, etc. On Wednesday, for us, it was crazy hair day.

This year I wanted to do something fun. {Last year we just spiked his hair, it wasn’t very exciting.} But what fun and crazy things can you do to a boys hair that is less than 1″ long??? Boys with long hair can do crazy things, but what if you are “that mom” that doesn’t want your boy to have hair long enough to be able to sport the “man bun” look.

After a little looking around and reengineering I have come up with an idea for all you moms with boys that have short hair!!! This can work on any boy that has hair that is at least 1/4″ long; So basically just a little longer than a buzz. All you need is a couple of Legos. That’s it! No clips, no bobby pins, no colored hair sprays, just legos. Here’s how easy it is . . .Crazy Awesome Lego Hair


Step 1: First head to your son’s lego stash (I know if you have boys you all have one). Pick out some characters. We chose to do a Star Wars theme. -Now that I think about it you could probably even do some regular blocks.


Step 2: Then do something a little crazy to their hair, if you would like. We did a fohawk.


Step 3: Now watch my video below to see how to attach the legos securely into their hair. {My son had all the legos stay put all day long, even after 3 recesses and P.E.}

NOTE: Don’t use clips or bobby pins. I’ve seen a few ideas (here and here) where people have put legos onto clips or bobby pins, but then you can see the clips and your son’s favorite legos now have glue all over them. Also, if your son has short or fine hair the clips and/or bobby pins will just slide out during the day.

Wasn’t that fast and easy! No gluing, no trying to secure clips or bobby pins into the short hair.


Step 4: Just trap a little hair in between the lego and snap the lego body together. Now your boy (or girl) is good to go with the coolest hair at school for crazy hair day!

NOTE: You may be able to see a few short hairs poking through the middle of the legos body, no worries, no one will even notice. It shows you that it is securely fastened into your child’s hair.

Crazy Awesome Lego Hair

Notice the small hairs at Luke Skywalkers waist. These little hairs will help stabilize him all day in a child hair.

Here are a few close ups . . .Crazy Awesome Lego Hair

Crazy Awesome Lego Hair

Crazy Awesome Lego Hair
I hope this was helpful to all you boy moms (or even girl moms) out there when it comes to crazy hair day! Enjoy.

Crazy Awesome Lego Hair