Since I have been dealing with babies teething non-stop for the past three and a half years, I feel that I have tried countless methods recommended to me by friends, family, and physicians and I know what works and what doesn’t. I can’t imagine how painful it must be to have teeth pushing through my gums. . . just the thought makes me weak in the knees. My youngest boy, Tim, is my happiest baby I have had. He is almost 11 months and just cut his first tooth last week. Most of the week this is how he felt . . .Baby Teething Secrets

Luckily for him, after much experimenting with his two older brothers, I know what three items are essential for a teething baby. Note: This is just what I have found works best; Everyone has different opinions on what works.Baby Teething Secrets

Number 1 – Baby Orajel Nighttime

The first is baby orajel nighttime. The regular baby orajel is less strong and doesn’t seem to last as long on their gums. It already is a challenge getting the orajel on their gums, without coating their entire tongue in the process. Why not just put on the stronger, longer lasting orajel in the first place? I now purchase the nighttime formula for use during the day, as well as at night.

Tip for applying orajel: Place small amount onto a q-tip. Give your baby something to chew on, such as teething ring, toothbrush, etc. When baby is chewing on item sneak in the q-tip and quickly rub onto gums. This helps minimize the amount of orajel that can get coated onto their tongue.

Number 2 – Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets

I am not one of those mom’s who thinks everything needs to be all natural and organic. I use what is least expensive and what works. Most of the time, regular medicine works better than all natural remedies. BUT in this case these teething tablets work better than tylenol. I am not sure what is in them, but it works! With my second child, I stumbled across these on accident and decided to give them a try. They work instantly and can be carried around in a diaper bag, unlike tylenol that is messy and needs to have a medicine syringe.

Tip for teething tablets: Place three tablets under your baby’s tongue, one at a time. Hold the tablet in place, with your finger, until it is almost completely dissolved (a matter of seconds) and then rub the dissolved powder/paste onto their gums. Note: If my little guy is in a lot of pain I do the teething tablets, tylenol and the baby orajel together.

Number 3 – Child Toothbrush

I have purchased every kind of teething toy out there. For example, teething water/gel rings that can be cooled, rubber teething toys, hard teething toys, even the expensive teething Sophie giraffe. Nothing of these will be picked up more by your baby than a child toothbrush, with a suction cup base. It is the perfect design for a baby to hold on to. It has stiff hard bristles on one side and a rubber, squishy suction cup bottom on the other. You will see your baby switching from one side to the other depending on what feels best at that moment. These are very inexpensive and can be thrown into the dishwasher every night for a hot sanitizing wash.Baby Teething SecretsGood luck with your teething baby and I hope something from this was helpful. If this is your first baby, don’t worry teething doesn’t last forever. They will eventually start sleeping through the night again and be pleasant in the daytime. Thank you for stopping by!

Baby Teething Secrets

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