My son’s love Harry Potter!┬áSeveral years ago, I posted about how we made Harry Potter Wands with a dowel and some hot glue. Over the years, we have continued to make these wands, but with a few tweeks. We have made many Harry wands over the years and love to give them as gifts to fellow Harry Potter fans. Check out my Harry Potter’s Wand tutorial. Or you could buy one here for $99. (Do people really pay this?!?)

My oldest’s best friends are twins. For there birthday, he really wanted to give them wands. So he found two sticks that would work well and helped create them. We created Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s wands. We then put together these cute printables to make them look more “authentic”.

Once you download the free printable above PRINT THEM ON CARDSTOCK. If you print them on normal paper it may not work and just rip. Once printed, use a straight blade or scissors to cut along the lines. Now just feed the wands through and wah-lah. Amazingly athentic wands that only cost cents to make. Thanks for stopping by!