Halloween nails are so fun! I love black polish and I love how adding the contrasting colors of white and orange look on the black. These halloween nails are fun yet easy enough for anyone to do. All you have to do is “scribble” white paint on the ring finger for the mummy and do dots for the eyes. Not much of a steady hand is needed for this manicure.

Note: I will be providing instructions on how to achieve this look with plain polish, along with Gel Polish.

Step 1: Prep Nails

View my post on Nail Polish Prep.

Step 2: Nail Polish

Paint all of the nails with two coats of black polish. I used the Shellac color called, Black Pool.

Gel Polish: Apply one coat black polish and cure in light. Paint second coat and cure 2 minutes in the UV light, or 1 minute in an LED light.

Note: You can’t tell in the picture, but we did the ring fingers in black glitter. Once we were done we realized that you can’t tell a difference between the polish and the glitter nail. So I recommend just painting all the nails with black polish.

Step 3: Mummy

Now grab some white paint and just “scribble” some on for the mummy. That’s it. It’s meant to look rough because it is meant to look like a wrapped mummy. So don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect.

Step 4: Eyes

Paint two white dots randomly on all your nails (just as I did here) and allow them to dry. Now paint two smaller black dots on top of the white ones.

Step 5: Apply Final Top Coat

Now apply your top coat. Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding top coat to help avoid smearing.

Gel Polish: Apply top coat, only after paint is completely dry, and cure in UV light for 2 minutes.

Step 6: Apply Cuticle Oil

Allow your polish to dry completely. Apply a cuticle oil just around your nails on the cuticle and rub into the skin.

Gel Polish: Remove sticky residue on top of nails with a little alcohol or polish remover and apply cuticle oil.

Remove gel polish after 2-3 weeks, check out Gel Polish Removal for the quickest, easiest and best way to remove gels.