Over the last 4 years, we have continued to make Harry Potter Wands, but have made a few tweeks to the process. So, to show how we have changed a few things I have put together this tutorial of Harry ‘s wand.¬†

Supply List:

Step 1: Sand & Glue

Walk out in your backyard, the mountains, or even just a local park and find a stick that would work well for a wand. Sand off any bark and one end of the stick to create a more rounded look.

Now get the hot glue gun and create the handle of Harry’s wand. Remember that any imperfect areas will help it look antique and add to the character of the wand, so don’t aim for perfection.¬†Once done creating, let the glue dry until firm.

Step 2: Paint & Antique

Paint the “smooth” end with just a regular brown paint. The handle is painted with a very dark brown paint. I just used my brown paint and mixed some black paint into it. Now let that fully dry.

Once the paint is dry, add the gold metallic paint to antique the look of the handle. I used a toothpick and painted just the areas that were bumped up. If you add too much gold paint on accident, no biggie, just add a little more of the dark brown to cover up any areas you don’t like.

Step 3: Seal

After the paint is dry, spray the wands with some kind of sealer to seal in the paint and hot glue. This time around, I just painted on some glossy Mod Podge.

We love to make wands and give them as gifts. Check out our Harry Potter and Dumbledore free printable gift tags.