As a cosmetologist, three years ago, I created this video hoping to share it with all those moms out there who were at a loss on how to correctly cut their child/husband’s hair using clipper attachments. I mentioned it to a few ladies who all informed me they won’t even try to cut their child/husband’s hair. It was just easier to send them to a salon or a barbershop. I was discouraged and decided not to share this video.

Last week, I cut all my boys and husband’s hair because it was getting quite unruly and shaggy. As I was cutting, I was reminded of this video and how it would be able to help so many out there at this strange time. Now that everyone is stuck at home and all salons and barbershops aren’t allowed to open their doors I feel like this is the time to share this.

I know some of you out there are thinking … What if it ends up looking terrible? … Don’t worry! Remember, no one is even going to see your child. 😂 This is a great time to practice learning the skill of cutting hair. I mean you have the time and it’s not like your kids are going anywhere to “show off” your amazing cutting skills.

My video will have some helpful tips and a few steps to follow. Below I have listed a few things to remember to do in each step.

Step 1: Attachment the Sides

Begin with placing your desired attachment on the clippers and decided if you want your blade pushed out or in. Remember to rock out when you get to where the long top and sides will meet.

Step 2: Cleanup the Edges

Never cut the neckline above the bottom of the earlobes. Cut the neckline square for a masculine haircut. Hold down the ear to clean up all the long hairs that hide around the top of the ear. When cleaning up the sideburns always use the ear as a guide/reference.

Step 3: Cut the Top

Always follow the shape of their head and just “pull up” to the length you would like. Once you do the first cut, always use that length as the guide for the rest of the haircut. NEVER cut if you don’t see your length reference you created at the beginning. Start with the mohawk section. Then cut everything from ear-to-ear like a horseshoe.

Step 4: Check Your Work

Check your work going at a diagonal, one direction and then the other direction. Trim off any hair that looks like a little ocean wave. Check the area where the clippered sides meet the longer top section. You can do this!