I must be getting old. I hate being cold! Everytime we go trick-or-treating I just freeze. I always dress up, even it’s just something simple like a witches hat and striped stockings. Last year, I found my new favorite costume! It’s made out of sweater fabric and is a giant warm jumpsuit. So I just slip it on, zip it up and I’m ready to go out in the cold. Check it out here.

Now for the makeup . . .

I patterned my makeup after this YouTube makeup tutorial. Mine is not nearly as impressive as hers, but I also don’t have most of the makeup supplies she has. I made due with just whatever I had sitting around here. Below I have my makeup pictures from start to finish.

Left: No makeup

Right: BB Cream, Concealer, Matte Bare Minerals

Left: Checkbone and Temple Dark Contour

Right: Comparison of Eyes

Left: Eyes

Right: Nose and Teeth

Left: Left Side (bad lighting)

Right: Right Side (good lighting)