A few weeks back I posted, on my social media accounts, this picture. {Post description: Last night I changed my hair from summer blonde to fall brunette. Love it! Nothing is more refreshing than having a hair color change.} I had a few very interested people ask how I color and weave my own hair. So I have put together a tutorial on how to color and weave your own hair. Highlighting Your Hair

I have been highlighting my own hair ever since I graduated from beauty school 8 years ago. I just can’t seem to justify in my mind paying someone else to color my hair when I went to school and learned how. Caution: This tutorial is for those who love a challenge and who are extremely confident.

Begin with straight hair. One or two days dirty works well, but anything past that is much too greasy.Highlighting Your Hair

I section off my hair into 6 sections: Top, Side, Side, Back, Back, and Bottom.Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

I start on one of the back sections and work completely through that section before moving on to the other back section. Work from the bottom of the section up; Pinning the hair up out of your way as you go.

Parting off: Make sure your parts are straight. The straighter the part the better retouch you will get.Highlighting Your Hair

When parting, make sure the piece you will be picking up to weave can be seen through. If you can’t see through it the bleach will have a hard time penetrating it.Highlighting Your Hair

Now weave your metal point comb back and forth in the section of hair you are holding. Drop the hair that is weaved away from the comb.Highlighting Your HairHighlighting Your HairNow fold a piece of foil over 1″ onto the metal comb. Note: Since one hand is holding the weaved hair, I hold a piece of foil in my lips and the comb in my hand. Now I fold over the foil onto the comb by pinching all the way across with my lips.

Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

Push the foil up right behind the weaved hair, making sure not to leave any gaps.Highlighting Your Hair

I set my hand, holding the weaved hair, against the foil very tightly and slide the comb out of the foil.Highlighting Your HairNow paint your bleach of choice onto the hair (I use Scruples Blazing). When doing next to the roots, hold the brush at an angle. Holding the brush parallel to the foil can cause the bleach to “bleed” and will create a harsh grow-out line when the hair begins to grow.Highlighting Your Hair

Fold up the bottom of the foil up about 2″. Then fold it up to meet the top of the foil. Fold in the two sides. (Picture blurry, sorry.)Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

After both back sections are completed I move on to the side sections. When parting the sides, part at an angle. When parted straight (parallel to the ground) it can create an appearance of bleach lines when your hair is pulled back half up or into a pony tail.Highlighting Your Hair

Once both sides are done I do the top section. I also part my top section on an angle. I personally don’t like the zebra stripe look. The angled part on top creates a much more natural hair color.Highlighting Your Hair

Now that the top is done you are finished if you are just retouching or adding highlights. But I personally do one more thing . . . Highlighting Your Hair

Highlighting Your Hair

I like to slightly darken the rest of my hair. So I paint a dark blonde color (6N, 6M & 7G – SoColor) onto my hair that is left outside of the foils.Highlighting Your Hair

If you paint a color on to the rest of your hair, like I did, cover everything with a shower/color cap to keep the heat and moisture in. If you don’t place the color cap onto the exposed color/dye it can dry out and create a splotchy final hair color.

Note: I paint a little hair color onto my eyebrows with a Q-tip, and leave it on less time than the color that is on my hair, about 10-15 minutes.Highlighting Your Hair

Good luck and please leave a comment or e-mail me with any questions! You can do this!!!