Well, it’s time for us all to get out and vote. I must admit that I am just like most of you, I’m not excited about this election, but I am excited to finally have all the drama from it to be done! I’m to the point that I don’t care who wins. It seems like anyone can be president these days. So I thought it appropriate to have nails that make me look presidential. 😀

Note: I love patriotic nails and could wear them all year! I’m always happy to have a reason to paint red, white and blue.Stand United

Note: I will be providing instructions on how to achieve this look with plain polish, along with Gel Polish.

Step 1: Prep Nails

View my post on Nail Polish Prep.


Step 2: Paint Nails

Paint the nails, except the ring fingers, with two coats of red polish. I used the Shellac color called, Wildfire. Paint the ring fingernails with two coats of navy polish. I used the Shellac color called, Midnight Swim.

Gel Polish: Apply two coats of polish and cure in light (curing after each coat). Cure 2 minutes in the UV light, or 1 minute in an LED light.


Step 3: Stars

On the ring fingernails, I used the nail stamp MASH #49 with Konad white polish to stamp on the star image.

What is nail stampingHow is it done?


Step 4: Apply Final Top Coat

Now apply your top coat. Make sure the paint is completely dry before adding top coat to help avoid smearing.

Gel Polish: Apply top coat, only after paint is completely dry. Cure in UV light for 2 minutes, or 1 minute with an LED light.


Step 5: Allow to Dry and Apply Cuticle Oil

Allow your polish to dry completely. Apply a cuticle oil just around your nails on the cuticle and rub into the skin.

Gel Polish: Remove sticky residue on top of nails with a little alcohol or polish remover and apply cuticle oil.Stand United

Remove gel polish after 2-3 weeks, check out Gel Polish Removal for the quickest, easiest and best way to remove gels.