Anyone else tired of all the candy that their kids eat?!? For my kid’s Valentine’s this year, we opted for non-candy options.

We also put together these adorable sticky hand valentines this year. Here are a few of our non-candy valentines we have done over the years . . .

Let me just say, if you have not played with these flying discs you are REALLY missing out. We have been playing with these all week. My kids have even been stacking on multiple discs to one spinning stick. When they release the discs all at one its so fun to see 4 … 5 … even 8 discs all flying in different directions. We have vaulted 12 foot ceilings in our great room and these discs hit the top of the ceiling every time, even with my 4-year-old doing them.

I bought a bunch of these flying discs and tied these cute black and white valentines I made on to them. I created 8 different sayings. (Download is a zip file that contains two different pages of printables.)

Begin by cutting out the valentines. Punch a hole in one of the corners and tie the valentine on to these fun flying discs. It’s that easy! Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!