As a mom of five, I receive a lot of “coupon books” from my kids for holiday gifts. You know the ones; they have coupons for doing the dishes, or breakfast in bed, or taking out the trash, etc. So, I thought it would be fun if I created a coupon book for my kids.

When I decided that I wanted to design a coupon book for my kids. The biggest hold up was not which coupons to include, but what I wanted the overall look and design to be. I have all boys, but I wanted to design something that would work equally well for girls. So I chose to do an aztec/tribal background that was bright and fun that included both pink and blue. I also chose to include arrows and teepees to emphasis the aztec/tribal design I was going for.

I originally designed this kid coupon book with Valentine’s Day in mind, but at the last minute I decided to also design a cover for Christmas and for birthdays.

The 12 “coupons” I decided to include are:

  • Good for one NEW BOOK
  • Good for one LATE NIGHT
  • Good for one 30 MINUTE SCREEN TIME
  • Good for one WATER BALLOON FIGHT
  • Good for one FAMILY BIKE RIDE
  • Good for one NO CHORES TODAY
  • Good for one DOUBLE ALLOWANCE
  • Good for one MOVIE NIGHT PICK
  • Good for one ICE CREAM TREAT
  • Good for one FAMILY GAME NIGHT

The best part is that you don’t need to include all the coupons if you don’t want. You can just include the coupons that work best for you and your situation.

Begin by downloading the ZIP file with both pages of coupons.

I decided to design this so that you could assemble the coupon book however you would like. You can punch holes, like I did, and attach string or ribbon. Or if your a more down-to-earth, quick and simple mom, just use a stapler and staple it together.

PLEASE NOTE: The “To-From” back cover should be attached so that it can be seen when the coupon book is assembled (see picture below).

THANK YOU for stopping by and I hope you enjoy these cute coupons as much as I do!