Need a valentine idea for your boy(s)??? Well, after finding out that I will need 37 valentines total between my 2 boys and that each box of star wars valentines only contains 16; I will need 3 boxes. Costing me $28.20 ($9.40/box) for printed paper valentines that just end up in the garbage is just ridiculous!

So the boys and I just put together these star wars valentines and will tape a cool pre-inked Star Wars stamp on the bottom. Costing me $20 for 60 stamps, which is much cheaper and much cooler than just a piece of paper.
Star Wars Valentine
Order your stamps on Amazon Prime shipping today and you will get them Thursday night, perfect timing for having them ready for Friday school valentine parties.
Just have your boys write their name next to Jedi, tape a stamp (or candy) on the bottom -just like they did here- and you are set. Enjoy! 🙂


Star Wars Valentines