Anyone that knows me knows that I am an animal lover. I have touched a wild moose, held baby black and grizzly bears, I have even been within arm length of a 6 day old deer. I could go on and on. . . Baby Animal Days

Notice the 6 day old baby fawn. . .

I get so excited when the warmer weather comes around. Spring means baby animals can be seen everywhere and summer means multiple trips to Yellowstone. Kevin, my husband, is also an animal lover. Together we have tried to teach our three small children to love animals. We have taught them to treat animals with kindness along with how to be cautious around dangerous animals.Baby Animal Days

Now that April is here baby animals can be seen everywhere; from the ducklings at the park, to baby fawns in the mountains all the way to baby lambs in meadows. I love baby animals! So you better believe that I will be attending the Baby Animal Days in 3 weeks, on May 9 and 10th.

Baby Animal Days will be held right here in my hometown of Kaysville, Utah. I have penciled in the dates on my calendar so that we won’t miss it. My boys are ecstatic, but I have to admit that I think I am more excited. I just LOVE baby animals and can’t get enough of interacting with them!!! Mark your calendars so that I can see you there. For more information check out For tickets, enter BLOG5 to receive $5 off a family pass.

Baby Animal Days