Over christmas break we were sick yet again. So, christmas gifts to teachers and friends didn’t get out like I was hoping. I did finally deliver Braxton’s teachers gift this morning. I have a little advice to those whom like to give homemade food gifts. I always recommend placing a tag on the item; This way people don’t have to guess what it is. I also recommend providing the recipe or ingredients on the tag, either on the front or back. You never know what people can and can’t have due to allergies. I have become much more conscious of this now that I have a niece and nephew who are highly allergic to nuts.

Gift TaggingThere are many ways you can attach your tag to the item. You can use ribbon, raffia (this is what I used), tape, glue dots, mod-podging it on, placing in a cute little envelope, or etc. Just attaching a simple tag makes the item seem more special and like you put extra care in making it just for that person. You can make a homemade tag or can find tag designs in stores or online, the possibilities are endless. Note: Here is how to tie a bow perfectly if you decide to do what I did.

My homemade granola tag: homemade granola tagGift Tagging