This past week our Temple reopened to phase 2-B. We are now able to schedule an appointment online to do proxy baptisms. Everyone in this area is so excited! I tried to schedule an appointment the first day for my oldest who is a deacon, but all appointments were already filled. I’m just so excited that the work can continue again.

As a Primary Presidency, we put together these little chocolate temple gift bags for our youth who are turning 12 this year. We did the four chocolate version, with a temple recommend holder placed inside the cellophane bag, behind the chocolates. At the beginning of the year, we did a little meeting with them and their parents. It was a Temple and Priesthood Preview Night.

I looked around online for a printable that would work, but I just didn’t like anything I found. So I designed my own and want to share the free printable with you today.

You will notice that I made two versions of the printable. You can do the version with three chocolates that say: Sacred, Eternal, Blessings. Or you can do the version that has four chocolates that say: Baptism, Initiatory, Endowment, Sealing.

This first download is for the ZIP file that includes a PDF with the wrappers for three chocolates that say: SACRED – ETERNAL – BLESSINGS. It also includes the PDF for the tag and tray that will fit three chocolates.

This second download is for the ZIP file that includes a PDF with the wrappers for four chocolates that say: BAPTISM – INITIATORY – ENDOWMENT – SEALING. It also includes the PDF for the tag and tray that will fit four chocolates.

How to assemble:
Putting them together is super easy… simply print and trim each wrapper. You can print the wrappers on regular white paper, but definitely print the tags and trays on white card stock. To wrap the chocolates, just position and secure with clear tape on the bottom.

The trays are super easy as well. Just trim, then fold on the thin gray lines to create the sides. I personally, use my paper cutter to help create a crease to make it easier to fold. I line up the gray line on top of the indentation where the blade goes while cutting. I then use a butter knife to gently push along that line. Don’t forget to do both gray lines on the tray. Now it is perfectly indented to create exact folds.

Now run your glue stick or hot glue down the middle of the tray and line your chocolates up in the order you choose. This prevents them from slipping around. Slide the tray into your cello bag, fold the tag over and secure with a staple. I purchase the cello bags at my local craft store – you can find them in the cake decorating section. Look for the “pretzel┬ástick”┬ásize. (2.25″ x 9.75″).

That’s it! They are just as adorable and easy as the Chocolate Nativity that we put together every Christmas. Thanks for stopping by!