Anyone else leave making school valentine boxes to the last minute? I seem to tell myself every year that I will make them in advance so I don’t have to stress myself out the night or two before the big day. Well, here I did it again.

My kindergartener has always loved foxes. They are his spirit animal; They both are sneaky, fast, slender, and cuddly. This is his first year getting to help make a valentine box for his school class party, so of course he asked if we could make a fox box.

Yesterday my Kindergartener and I had a crazy afternoon of creating this fox valentine box. We had paper, tape, glue, boxes, and scissors scattered all over the kitchen, literally. It was a disaster of confetti-like paper all of the floor when we were finished. Fox Valentine Box


  • Orange Craft Paper
  • Pale Yellow Craft Paper
  • Black Craft Paper
  • White Craft Paper
  • Shoe Box
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Fox Pattern Template (download below)

Step 1: Template

Download the zip file containing 3 pages of pattern pieces for the fox.Download-Icon-click-225x300

Step 2: Box

Begin by placing the fox head on the box to determine where you would like to cut your slot.Fox Valentine Box

Fox Valentine Box

Once the slot is cut begin wrapping the box in orange paper. We also added a little pale yellow stripe down the middle for the foxes tummy.Fox Valentine Box

Step 3: Fox

Cut out all the fox pieces in the correct paper color.Fox Valentine Box

My kindergartener didn’t want to do all the precise cutting so he asked me to do it and he did all the gluing.Fox Valentine Box

Step 4: Assemble

Now attach the fox head and tail with packing tape. The tail we overlapped on the back about an inch before taping.Fox Valentine Box

Fox Valentine Box

Now let that cute kid of yours show off his creation he helped with! I was thinking this fox would even by cute for a little girl if you add a bow over one ear and maybe some eyelashes. Enjoy!Fox Valentine Box

Fox Valentine Box