How many times have you had a basic bow turn out crooked? I remember the day I finally figured out a trick on how to tie a perfect bow every time, I was working at a wedding dress boutique tying a soon-to-be brides sash. It was life changing for me as a perfectionist; No more having to re-tie bows on gifts, or home decor decorations over and over until the bow turned out just right. I bet there are several ways to get a bow to turn out perfect every time, but this is how I taught myself to do it. . .

Step 1: Tie Together

Make a basic tie to hold together the strings.Basic Bow

Step 2: Two Loops

Create two loops, or “bunny ears”, with both strings.Basic Bow

Step 3: Top Loop

Ok here is the trick . . . Take the loop that is higher than the other and place it on top of the lower loop and tuck underneath into the hole, or “bunny hole”.Basic BowBasic Bow

Step 4: Bring Down

After tucking the loop into the hole, you will have an end that is sticking up. Pull that to face down.Basic Bow

Step 5: Pull Tight

Now take the two loops and pull tight. There you have it – a perfect positioned bow!Basic BowBasic Bow

Say goodbye to having anymore crooked bows and to re-tieing the same ribbon over and over again to get it perfect! I know . . . life changing.

Basic Bow

Now all your projects, that require a bow, will only take seconds to add that finishing touch of a bow.

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