This tutorial is for the white, pink, and gray bows pictured above. I have included a PDF pattern that can be downloaded below.

NOTE: The pattern pieces on this PDF will be used for all the Baby Girl Hair Bows I have tutorials for.

This basic skinny hair bow will use the pattern pieces A, B, and D. The tutorial for the yellow and teal hair bow can be found here at the Scalloped Pinched Bow Set tutorial.

If you plan to attach the hair bow to a headband like I did. I purchased a pair of white tights in size large. I cut the top off of the tights. Then I cut a strip that is 3/4″ and give it a little stretch. The edges will curl in and fit anyone comfortable from a newborn to an adult.

Now on to the hair bow . . .

Begin by pinning the pattern pieces A, B and D to your felt.

Use sharp scissors to cut out the pieces.

First, take piece B and put a small hot glue drop in the center. Bring the outsides of the bow together into the hot glue. Next, place a small hot glue drop onto the same place where the outsides of the bow were brought together and place piece A onto piece B.

Once pieces B and A are glued together you will now attach the bow to the headband. Lay piece D closest to the table with piece B and A on top of it. Then lay the headband on the top.

NOTE: You will not be gluing the bow directly to the headband. You want the headband to be able to move freely underneath the bow.

Now place a small hot glue drop onto piece D and glue it to the other end of piece D. Make sure not to get any of the glue onto the headband so it can move freely.

That’s it! It amazes me how fast and easy this darling bow comes together. Enjoy!