I come from a family of all girls. That being said, when a movie was picked it was usually a “girl” movie of some kind; Sleepless In Seattle, While You Were Sleeping, Anne of Green Gables, League Of Their Own, etc.

This year, I stumbled across the idea of being a Rockford Peach from League Of Their Own and instantly knew that’s what I wanted to be for Halloween this year! The best part is that the ladies from League Of Their Own have all different hair lengths, hair color, and body shapes so this costume works for anyone … awesome! I already had my son’s red soccer socks and a red belt so I went to Amazon for the other supplies. . . 


Step 1: Vinyl/Freezer Paper

Download the zip file below. It includes SVG files and PDF files of: the Rockford Peach Logo, the R hat logo, and the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League logo.


My images sizes: Rockford Peach Logo 3.5″ x 3.5″ — R Hat Logo – 2″ x 2″ — AA-GPBL Logo 2″ x 2.65″

Cut the images with vinyl or freezer paper (just as I did here) and apply to the pink dress.

Note: If you are new to applying vinyl to fabrics, here is a video I made on how to apply vinyl templates to clothing before painting.League Of Their Own

League Of Their Own

Step 2: Paint

Now dab on your fabric paint or acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium (view this post to see why I use fabric medium) onto the stencil. Let it completely dry {I wait 12-24 hours, just to make sure} remove the vinyl or freezer paper stencil. 

League Of Their Own

Step 3: Heat Set

After you remove the stencil paper, place a piece of scrap fabric over the painted areas and heat set the paint with a hot iron.League Of Their Own

That’s it! Easy peasy and everyone will love it! Just throw on the dress and hat, add a belt and socks and you are good to go. Perfect, I love easy costumes.

League Of Their Own