I love being organized and having things labeled, but for some reason the inside of my fridge has never fallen into that category. I feel that most of my life I am asking my husband the following questions, “When did we eat … ?” or “Which cup was Jace drinking out of?” My sister, Alison, labels her Tupperware with a WetErase marker. (Thanks for the idea Alison!) I have tried this, but it seemed to smear black marker on my fingers whenever I touched the Tupperware. I have decided that I would prefer to have it just rub-off opposed to having black marker smeared all over my hands.

Use a Dry Erase marker to label your Tupperware with what is inside and what day it was made. Then just rub off the marker before putting in the dishwasher. Note: The water from the dishwasher won’t remove it. It needs to be wiped off before it goes in.

Labeling Leftovers