At our house, yesterday happened to be our cleaning and errand running day for the week. We cleaned the house and then piled into the car to drop off Kevin’s suits at the dry cleaners. We pulled into the driveway and something coral in color caught my eye and then I saw it . . . my paper pumpkin for this month! {They actually don’t ship out until the 15th, but they sent mine early so I could review it and offer my followers a chance to win one for this month.}

Stampin' Up KitI unloaded the kids from the car and went right up to the front porch to pick up my kit. I was so excited to see what was inside that I didn’t even make it in the house before opening it. I sat right down on the porch and pulled it apart, to see all the fun components it can with.

Stampin' Up KitI promised Stampin’ Up I wouldn’t post any pictures of the inside of the kit until after the 21st, so as not to ruin the surprise for their subscribers. But I will tell you this . . . it’s not a card making kit like the last one I had and it has something to do with Mother’s Day. Alright I hope I haven’t said too much. I will be putting together my kit next week sometime and posting the images sometime after the 21st of this month. Stampin’ Up has kindly offered a kit to one of my followers. I want it to ship out to you when it does to the regular subscribers so lets get this started.

Stampin' Up Kit

First of all, I want to just say that I’m not doing the traditional giveaway method (rafflecopter) that you have seen on other blogs. This is because it cost $7 to setup the giveaway. How silly. I know I can do this myself just as effectively and we all know that I don’t like to pay for anything that I can figure out how to do myself. So here is how I will run this giveaway, for every entry/action you do I will give you an entry. {Four entries total are possible.}

Now in the comment section below let me know which ones you have done and I will enter you into my high-tech giveaway random calculator, an excel spreadsheet. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, April the 15th @ 2:00pm (MST). Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.