Today the boys and I made a road, complete with stop signs and crosswalks, all out of sidewalk chalk. We have a VERY long driveway so this worked perfect! The boys liked helping with this because drawing lines is easier than drawing pictures out of chalk.

Sidewalk ChalkSidewalk ChalkSidewalk Chalk

After we finished drawing the road lines, the arrows (to help the boys know which way traffic was heading), stop signs, and crosswalks. The boys had a fun time riding bikes, driving cars, pushing cement trucks down the road and then stopping at all the signs and crosswalks. This was a fun, free and easy activity to keep my kids entertained for hours!

Sidewalk Chalk RoadSidewalk Chalk Road

Note: If you want your road to last, and not wash off with the rain, try using sidewalk chalk paint. I recently heard from my husband’s cousin, Jennifer, that even though the paint claims it is washable it doesn’t wash off with rain or even vigorous scrubbing.