I made these wonderful bean bag chairs for my kids! (With some changes that are listed below.)

 Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chairs

I made the large size of Rollie Pollie for both bean bags. My changes were . . .

  1. I pieced several different fabrics together and then cut out the pattern pieces from what I had pieced.
    I used scraps I had from reupholstering a couple of chairs and then did a few accent fabrics with it.
  2. I only could find a 26″ zipper. I’m not sure where she found her 30″ zippers at.
  3. I filled my bean bags with bean bag beads and then 1 large bag of regular stuffing (all mixed together).
    I added the bag of stuffing because I had it laying around the house and it kind of broke up the feel of laying on just bean bag beads. It made it feel more like a pillow, but not really enough to worry about it. This was a MUCH cheaper option! I think it only cost me about $16-$20 to fill each one, instead of the $45 she recommends.

 Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chairs These bean bag chairs were worth every penny! My kids love them and drag them from room to room.

FYI: The handles she recommends putting on are a must! Without them my kids (ages 3 and 18 months) would have a very difficult time moving them very far.
 Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chairs