I have learned to love salmon. I have tried it in almost every restaurant and I have to admit that Maddox in Perry, Utah does the best job! (Even better than Market Street Grill in SLC.) I like how let the salmon shine without adding any strange spices to it. It has a perfect crust on it. Well I am happy to report that after many tries I have finally figured out how to achieve Maddox salmon at our home. I am so excited to share this with you!!!

Step 1: Coat Pan and Prep Salmon

Coat the bottom of your skillet with oil. Olive oil has the most flavor, but canola, vegetable or peanut oil will also work. While the oil heats up salt and pepper your fish and leave on the skin!

Perfect Salmon Everytime

Step 2: Heat Oil

Heat the oil over medium-high heat until the oil starts to release its scent if you use olive oil, or starts to shimmer if you use any other kind.

Step 3: Cook First Side

Put your salmon fillets into the hot oil. Stand back so you don’t get splattered. Cook the salmon for five minutes and then turn it over, using a spatula or tongs. Note: I cook the skin-side first and use a splatter screen.Perfect Salmon Everytime

Step 4: Cook Second Side

Sear the salmon for another three minutes. Cover the skillet and remove it from the heat. Note: I flip the salmon to have the skin side down and put about 1/4 tablespoon of butter on each piece of salmon before covering.Perfect Salmon EverytimePerfect Salmon Everytime

Step 5: Let Stand

Let it sit for two to four minutes to finish cooking, off of the heat. Once done you can just simply pull off the skin.Perfect Salmon EverytimePerfect Salmon Everytime

Now you have perfectly crusted salmon. Serve with a little slice of lemon and now you have achieved perfection! Simple yet so amazing.

Perfect Salmon Everytime