I feel like this year more than ever we need to be reaching out to our children’s teachers and telling them thank you as much as we can.

Four years ago, I made these cute dipped oreos to look like a mummy. We gave them to our teachers to tell them thank you.

This year I felt like it would be a good idea to send a little Halloween goodie to our teachers to say thank you. Due to COVID, I don’t feel like dipped Oreos are appropriate. So I filled my favorite little treat paint cans with some Werther soft caramels and chocolate Riesens.

I printed the tags onto printable vinyl sticker paper so I could just stick the tag on top and easily stick the other tag onto some accent construction paper. The main tag could also be easily stuck to the paint can its self. Normal construction paper will work as well.

Have your cute little “monster” write their name onto the tag. NOTICE that I do have some of the tags with a “HIS” and a “HER” so make sure to attach the correct tag. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!