My oldest, who is in Preschool, took a little treat to share with all his classmates today, for their christmas party. He loves the candy cane kiss candies right now and knew immediately that is what he wanted to take. I jumped on Pinterest late last night, sure that I would be able to find a simple free printable {merry “kiss”mas themed} that had a place I could stick a kiss onto it. I was surprised that I couldn’t find one. So, I made a quick tag with a place that a kiss could attach to it.Merry Kissmas Tags


I ended up making tags with red words and tags with gray words because I couldn’t decide what I liked better. The red matched the candy cane kisses perfectly, but the gray added a little pop to the tags. I have attached all the files (PDF and PNG) for both colors below in a zip file.Download Icon

Note: These tags could also work for gift tags. Who wouldn’t love to recieve a little bonus kiss on their present?!?! Just punch a hole and tie onto the gift.Merry Kissmas Tags


For our tags, we placed a glue dot in the middle of the circle and placed the kiss on top to cover the “kiss placement circle”. Enjoy!Merry Kissmas Tags

Merry Kissmas Tags