I love cute little magnets, almost as much as I love cute little tags.

My most recent post, LDS Children and Youth Magnetic Boards, are a huge hit around our house and it has even been several months since I put them together. Now, I knew that if I made a magnetic board I needed to make magnets to match.

I decided to create several options for each area so that your children/youth can pick their favorite image. For example, you could use the temple magnet for the spiritual, the world magnet for social, the sport magnet for physical, and the science magnet for intellectual. So here is what I did . . .


Download PDF file below and print it on photo paper or cardstock. Regular printer paper is too thin and it will show your magnet through from the back. Cut out each chore along the lines.

Now you will put together your magnets just as I did here, in my Chore Chart Picture Magnets post. Enjoy!