Over the weekend, I went on a girls getaway with my three sister-in-laws and my mother-in-law. We had a wonderful weekend with no kids, shopping, eating out, staying up late, and a whole lot of talking. For the weekend, I chose to do a fun nail art design that to me screamed “girls” and “party”. I did a design that was similar to my Golden Girl design. What doesn’t say fun girls night out like gold glitter and bright pink with gold rhinestones?!?!

Note: I will be providing instructions on how to achieve this look with plain polish, along with Gel Polish.


Step 1: Prep Nails

View my post on Nail Polish Prep.


Step 2: Paint Gold Nails

Paint all of the nails, except the ring fingers, with two coats of gold polish. I used the Shellac color called, Locket Love. While the second coat of polish is still wet gently dust a fine layer of gold glitter onto the polish, just as I did for my Simply in Love nails. I used Martha Stewart craft glitter, color florentine gold.

Gel Polish: Apply one coat gold polish and cure in light. Paint second coat and dust the glitter. Cure 2 minutes in the UV light, or 1 minute in an LED light.Chevron Gold GlitterChevron Gold Glitter


Step 3: Seal Glitter

Now apply top coat to all the glitter nails to seal in the glitter. Before re-dipping your brush into the polish, after each nail, make sure there isn’t any glitter on it. If there is, wipe it on a paper towel to remove the glitter. You don’t want to contaminate your polish. Don’t worry about the glitter around your nails. Once dry, it removes best if you just wash it off in the tub or sink just as you would do if you were doing glitter nails.

Gel Polish: Paint top coat onto the nails. Cure 2 minutes in the UV light, or 1 minute in an LED light.


Step 4: Paint Pink Nails & Place Rhinestones

Paint the ring finger nails with two coats of bright coral pink polish. I used the Shellac color called, Tropix. While second coat is still wet gently press three gold rhinestones in a row.

Gel Polish: Apply one coat pink polish and cure in light. Paint second coat and while still wet place three rhinestones in a row and cure 2 minutes in the UV light, or 1 minute in an LED light.

NOTE: The best way to pick up the little rhinestone is to use a toothpick. You touch the toothpick to a damp cloth and then to the top of the jewel. Place onto the nail.Baby, It's Cold Outside


Step 5: Apply Final Top Coat

Now apply your top coat.

Gel Polish: Apply top coat and cure in UV light for 2 minutes.


Step 6: Allow to Dry and Apply Cuticle Oil

Allow your polish to dry completely. Apply a cuticle oil just around your nails on the cuticle and rub into the skin.

Gel Polish: Remove sticky residue on top of nails with a little alcohol or polish remover and apply cuticle oil.


Remove gel polish after 2-3 weeks, check out Gel Polish Removal for the quickest, easiest and best way to remove gels.