I just love when fall comes around. One of my favorite things to do is go up in the mountains, go hiking and collect beautiful leaves! Now that I have little children it is even more fun!

I usually collect so many leaves on my walk that my hand can barely hold all of them, but I bring them home and usually end up throwing them out a week or two later. This year, I decided the boys and me would make a keepsake out of them and Mod Podge them onto a frame.

Fall Frame

Needed Supplies:

Gather leaves of many different colors.

Fall Frame

The frame I purchased can be found at any craft store and only cost a few dollars. The frame I bought came with glass to protect the picture so make sure to take that out before beginning.

Fall Frame

Paint a very generous amount of Mod Podge on the frame and place leaves. Let them dry a little before the next step. *Note: I always use matte finish Mod Podge. Glossy can leave the look of the brush strokes behind after it is dried.*

Fall Frame Step 1

The leaves that are poking out in the center, Mod Podge by wrapping around the lip.

Fall Frame Step 2

Trim the leaves underneath so that you don’t have a lot of leaf wrapped in the way of where the picture will go.

Fall Frame

Now you will Mod Podge the leaves around the outside of the frame. No trimming of the leaves is necessary on this step.

Fall Frame Step 3

Generously dab Mod Podge over all of the leaves so that it looks white. Let it dry completely; it dries clear.

Fall Frame Step 4

Finish with a ribbon or two tied to the side. Add picture from fall hike.


Fall Frame