I learned how to knit! Well… ok not really, but you do have to use knitting needles for this cute ruffled scarf. A cute little old lady in my neighborhood taught me. She called this the “cheating way to knit a scarf”. I was able to do mine in only 2 evenings. She can finish one in 2 hours! Now that the weather is getting colder; why not add a scarf for some fashion and comfort?

You will need size 10 knitting needles and some “net yarn” or “mesh yarn”. It has many names, but all craft stores know what you mean when you use either of these terms. You will use the entire roll of yarn for 1 scarf. I chose a cream yarn with colorful little sequins all over in in (the sequins didn’t show up in the picture). This way I could match my scarf to any shirt/sweater. I found a video here that explains exactly what to do. Note: I do 5 stitches.

Ruffle Scarf

Ruffle Scarf Video