When it comes to going to Disneyland it can be very expensive. When you add up hotel fees, travel expenses, Disneyland tickets, food, souvenirs, etc. You can quickly deplete everything in your bank account if you don’t plan ahead before entering the magic. I am working on a post that have some tips I have put together when entering the park.

We when go to the park we do allow our children to buy one special item while at the park. We look in all the fun gift shops and window shop in Downtown Disney for the first couple of days while there. Once we have seen almost everything our kids get to decide what was their favorite, but there is a catch, our kids have to earn their own money for the item. A couple of month before we go to Disneyland we make Disney money jars (instructions and printable at the bottom of this post).

The kids earn money doing various jobs around the house all the way up until we leave. Such as, folding clothes for 50 cents, taking out the trash for 25 cents, unloading the dishwasher for 25 cents, etc. The usually earn about $15 to spend within the park. This is helpful because then when they claim they “need” something they see within the park, I just remind them they only have $15 and is that what they really want. They begin to really think if all their work was worth that particular item. Most the time, they decide against buying it and happily leave the gift shop. This helps eliminate almost all the tantrums that can happen within the park.

Disneyland - Family Style

Souvenir Picks: Bubble Maker, BB-8 Cup, Iron Man, Indiana Jones Hat


  • Standard-Mouth Mason Jar
  • Standard-Mouth Jar Ring
  • Money Jar Printable, below
  • Black Paint, optional


We begin by painting a mason jar ring with black paint; Completely optional, I just like how it looks. Download, print and cut out Mickey lid insert. (I laminate ours so they hold up really well and won’t rip, but it’s not necessary.)

Now let those little helping hands start helping around the house so they can earn a very special prize from the park. 

Disney Money Jars

Disney Money Jars