My little Preschooler has begun making letters out of sticks he finds outside. He picked up two sticks last week and said, “Hey Mom, look I can make a T.” I then showed him he could also make an X, L and V with only two sticks. A couple of days later, we did a stick letter challenge with “sticks” of paper.Stick Letter Challenge


  • Colored Paper, cut into 1/2″ strips
  • Glue
  • White Paper

I cut paper into small, medium and long strips to see how many letters we could make with straight lines.Stick Letter Challenge

We had a lot of fun watching each other make “stick” letters. Braxton came up with 5 letters.Stick Letter ChallengeStick Letter ChallengeStick Letter Challenge

I had no idea that 15/26 of the letters used only straight lines. I ended up doing all 15 to show Braxton visually how they all looked only using straight lines. Stick Letter ChallengeStick Letter Challenge

Try challenging your kids to see if they can come up with “stick” letters. Have fun and see how your kids do with the challenge!

Preschoolers – See how many they can come up with.

Kindergartners – Have them come up with 10 of the 15.

Grade School – See if they can come up with all 15.Stick Letter Challenge