For the month of March, I am displaying a St. Patrick’s day subway art. I looked around online and found this one. I saw many that were done with all shades of green, but loved that this particular subway art had a dash of color for the word rainbow. I printed the subway art as I usually do, but when I went to put it into my 8″ x 10″ frame it didn’t fit correctly. The outer edge of all the words was hidden behind the matte of the frame. I adjusted the layout of the subway art to fit correctly into an 8″ x 10″ frame. I also adjusted the vibrancy. I wanted mine to be brighter than the original printed. UPDATE: Download of my adjusted version is no longer available . . . Cheryl from has asked that I remove the download of my adjusted version. If you wish to use this subway art just keep in mind that you will need to lighten it up a little and adjust the size to be smaller. March Subway Art

I currently have this subway art displayed next to a white mug full of dum-dum suckers. I tied a green ribbon (the same green ribbon as I attached to my wood blocks) to the mug and then filled with suckers.

March Subway Art

I have noticed that most associate skittles (taste the rainbow-slogan) with the St Patrick’s day holiday, but when I saw all the different colored wrappers of the dum-dums I loved the idea of displaying them next to the subway art. It naturally causes the eye to flow from suckers to “rainbow” to entire subway art display. Enjoy!March Subway Art