My children and I LOVE the warm glow of Christmas lights in our home the month of December. It creates a magical feeling of warmth and safety, in our home, once the sun sets in the evenings. I have been on the lookout for something I can create for the fall months to bring that same warm glowing lights in our home now that the sun is setting earlier. The other day I was walking through Hobby Lobby and I found this hollow tin pumpkin and immediately thought this was it! How cute it would be if it were stuffed with tulle and lights. So here is how I did it (in about 10 minutes) . . .Lighting Up Fall



Unroll a little more than 1/3 of the tulle (about 10 yards) and place into one side of the pumpkin.

*Note: Do not cut the tulle. Leave it a continuous 25 yards.*Lighting Up Fall

Then take the lights and slip knot the tulle to about every third light. This will help the lights to not all just fall to the bottom of the pumpkin once you place them in. Lighting Up Fall

Lighting Up Fall

Then feed the tulle/lights into the center of the pumpkin.Lighting Up Fall

Now fill the pumpkin with the remainder of the tulle. Plug in the lights and move/fluff the tulle and lights around so that the wire is hidden from sight and so that the lights are evenly distributed in the pumpkin.Lighting Up Fall

That’s it! Wasn’t that an easy and simple way to add the holiday harvest spirit of love and warmth into your home?!?!Lighting Up Fall