I went to a craft night that my mom’s neighborhood was doing and I made this adorable Halloween witch wreath. I would LOVE to pass on the information to you so that you can make one as well.Halloween Witch Wreath
If you would like a quick print out here is my PDF of instructions that I was given when I made my wreath.

Halloween Wreath PDF 

Buy all of your supplies:

Halloween Witch WreathLet’s get started . . .

Cut deco mesh in about 10” squares. I cut 10″ stripes and then cut those in half. You will need 25 black, 20 green, 15 purple, and 10 orange. Then cut your yellow decorative mesh (pictured above; not sure what this is even called) into squares or if you can’t find any of that just cut yellow Deco Mesh 5-1/2″ wide into 15″ strips. You will need 5 yellow.

Halloween WreathHalloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

Take deco mesh square bring opposite corners together and then grab in the center of the square; puckering the corners together. Tie black pipe cleaner to the part in your fingers.

Halloween WreathHalloween WreathHalloween WreathHalloween Wreath

Metal ring has 5 sections and 4 rows.

Halloween Wreath
I gather and attach pipe cleaners to all of one color before attaching to metal ring. Use the pipe cleaner to attach the deco mesh to metal ring.

Halloween WreathHalloween Wreath

Here is how the colors need to be placed on the metal ring.

5 BLACK in each section of the outer ring.

4 GREEN in each section of the next ring.

3 PURPLE in each section of the next ring.

2 ORANGE in each section of the inner most ring.

The 5 YELLOW pieces should be placed in the green layer on the metal divider for each section.

Halloween WreathHalloween WreathHalloween Witch Wreath

Once all the Deco Mesh is placed attach witch legs by inserting a piece of 5” metal wire in the felt/fabric that attach the legs together, if they are from Hobby Lobby, like my legs. If you can’t find legs, like mine, you can use the table leg covers (pictured below), stuff with batting and tie on.Halloween Witch Wreath

Alternate Legs

I attach the legs on the center of the metal ring on the top of the inner most section. This helps cover where the deco mesh won’t cover. Now fluff the decor mesh to cover the hole in the center.

Halloween Wreath Halloween WreathHalloween Witch Wreath
You now can place decorative balls and a spider or two to the wreath where you like them.

Halloween Wreath Halloween Wreath
I attached a piece of black ribbon to my wreath so that it would hang lower/easier to my wreath hook. The black ribbon is hidden from view by the black deco mesh.

Halloween Wreath

Pictured below is the wreath with skinny Hobby Lobby legs. Pictured below that is the wreath with the table cover legs. I love both! Any witch legs will do, as long as they are at least 18″ in length. Enjoy!Halloween Witch Wreath

Witch Wreath

Happy Crafting!!!

Halloween Witch Wreath

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