For christmas I received just what I wanted . . . a microfiber floor duster/mopper. I bought mine at Sam’s Club for $14, but it can also be found on (Dual-Action Microfiber Flip Mop). I already have a steamer for my hard floors, but I really wanted just a simple quick duster for the days in between when I steam. I have to admit it is a must-have for all moms. I discovered today that I can do several of my household cleaning projects with just this one tool. I like that it is microfiber; it holds onto the dust, instead of just pushing it around.

In one day here is what I have used it for:

  • Floor Sweeping

I used the microfiber (blue) side to pick up all the dust, dog hair and crumbs in the kitchen.

The Mom's Must-Have

  • Floor Mopping

I dampened the floor pad and used the mop side to wipe up a sticky spill in the kitchen.

The Mom's Must-Have

  • Blind Dusting

I used the dry microfiber side to run down the closed blinds to catch all the dust.

The Mom's Must-Have

  • Wall Scrubbing

I scrubbed, with the damp mop side, my walls up high where moisture from the humidifier had run down the walls. I also scrubbed my lower walls where kids had smeared their hand prints.

The Mom's Must-HaveThe Mom's Must-Have

  • Cobweb Grabbing

The dry microfiber side works very well for grabbing and removing cobwebs.

The Mom's Must-Have

  • Window Polishing

I sprayed a small amount of window cleaner on my windows. I then used the dry mop side to polish and clean the windows.

The Mom's Must-Have

  • Ceiling Fan Dusting

I even cleaned my ceiling fan blades. I used the dry microfiber side to catch and hold onto all the dust from the ceiling fans, it made it so the dust wasn’t falling onto my floor and face as I did this.

The Mom's Must-Have

I am so happy with this gift. It is a mom’s must-have for a quick and easy cleaning-up kind of day!

Every Mom's Must-Have