Yesterday, my DIY plantation shutters finally arrived! It was while I was quietly relaxing during nap time so I posted this on my instagram feed.

“It’s nap time! Do I continue reading or should I get up and install those giant plantation shutters. ? #relaxationornot”

DIY Plantation Shutters

I was amazed how many people weren’t aware that you could install your own plantation shutters. I was also flabbergasted by how many people have contacted me since, asking me where I ordered mine and how installation was.

First, I searched everywhere for the best price. Home Depot, Lowes,, Sams Club, Costco, etc. I found the best price on, at least for right now, the exact blinds I was going to order on Home Depot’s website were more than 10% off on Costco’s site. I did just notice that the 10% deal only goes until 3/04 (only 4 more days). So I better hurry and start measuring some of my other windows and get those ordered while the sale is still on. I imagine it goes 10% off quite a bit, considering its Costco. Costco plantation shutters found here. Shipping was included so there was no extra cost there!

To compare some prices; If I were to order the cheapest wood blinds I can find it would cost me $150 for my main window. My plantation shutters cost me about $360. So it’s about triple the price, but those cheap wood blinds sun bleach in a couple of years and break so easily. After a couple of years they look cheap and worn out. So to me, it was a no brainer to spend a little extra for quality and durability. It also increases the value of your home if you have plantation shutters.

HomeAdvisor says that plantation shutters can cost around $2,390 if I were to have someone come install them. Just for my main window it would be about $400 for the installation plus $100 per hour for them to come out and measure! WHAT?!?! My shutter cost less then the installation fee. Who has that kind of money??? Plus another $40-$70 per shutter for shipping. No wonder no one thinks they can afford plantation shutters!DIY Plantation Shutters

Second, follow the instructions on how to measure. I measured and remeasured several times to make sure it was exact and my shutters fit perfectly!

Third, decide what you want. I did quite a bit of research before deciding what I wanted. I found that I wanted 3 1⁄2″ louvers because they let in more light and this is what most people order. The 2 1/2″ louvers are the traditional, but I like light! I also wanted a center divid because then the top can be open while the bottom are closed. I also found that I needed a hang strip installation package opposed to an L-frame because my windows are already framed out. I almost did a bi-fold shutter, but then last minute changed my mine. Just read all you can on their website to make sure you get what you need and want. It all costs the same no matter what changes you make. The pricing is strictly done on the size of your window.

Here is their pricing chart (without the discount applied). . .

Lastly, installation was really quite easy. I did it all by myself and am 17 weeks pregnant. It took me about 20 minutes a window. I could not be happier with how they turned out!DIY Plantation Shutters

DIY Plantation Shutters