This is a perfect activity for little boys who love trucks! My boys can play with this “construction site” for at least 45 minutes.¬†When it is time for some indoor activities I love this one because it is quiet and requires my boys to sit down.

Construction Site


I like rice because it is inexpensive, easier to clean up than sand and can easily be put in a tupperware to save for another day. My boys love to use the bulldozer to make hills, the roller to flatter out hills, scoop with the excavator and front loader, and load up the dump truck to drive around the rice.

I have added measuring cups to my supply list because my boys use the front loader and excavator to scoop rice into the measuring cups and then add that rice to their brother’s “construction site” to see if they can get a large amount of rice all in one location. I love when they share with each other without being told! So, no measuring cups aren’t needed for this activity, but we enjoy using them!

Construction Site Construction Site

When the boys are all done playing we grab the broom and sweep up the dirty spilled rice and place the clean rice into a tupperware to save for another day. Easy and provides a lot of entertainment for the boys. I hope you enjoy as much as we do!