As I was visiting someone in their home, I noticed they had a bold colored picture frame. I loved the idea! I decided that I would create my own colored frames to frame up my favorite colored quotes/subway art or cute black and white shots of the kids. The color options are endless; Spray paint comes in many colors, but if you can’t find what you are looking for make a custom color. Custom colors can be made by spraying one layer of a color and then overlaying a different color on the top.

After doing this amazingly easy project I learned that I have a deep LOVE of spray paint. Who would have thought??? Spray painting is so easy. . . just point and shoot. I will be doing many more projects with spray paint down the road.


  • Frame, preferably one with a lot of character
  • Spray Paint


Buy a frame with some character. Check at second-hand stores or thrift stores for some vintage frames. I wasn’t able to find any so I went to Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.

Frame It UpFrame It Up

Now remove the glass and back of the frame. Lay onto some newspaper and spray as many layers as you need until you reach the color you are looking for. I used a glossed colored spray paint. If you have a matte spray paint just spray a layer of clear gloss for the final coat onto the frame. Note: Follow the manufacturers instructions on wait time in between each coat.

Frame It Up

Once dry, add the glass pane back into the frame and place a favorite quote/subway art that matches your color choice. Or you can always use the frame as a prop for other pictures.Color It UpColor It Up

Find a cute picture of your kids and turn it black and white. Then add it to a bold colored frames, that matches your home decor, to add some new depth to decorating.Color It Up

Color It Up