I want my boys to always remember that they have a Heavenly Father and are children of God. So naturally I pulled out my cutting machine and cut this image in vinyl.

Now to get started . . .

Step 1: Decide Location 

You first need to decide if you will be putting this vinyl directly on your wall, as I did in my boys’ rooms, or if you will be applying your vinyl to a board sign as pictured above.Child of God

If it’s going on your wall, make sure to wipe your wall clean and let it fully dry. If it’s going on a board sign, prepare your sign as I did here.Love Your Family

Step 2: Cut Vinyl

Now decided what size you want your image to be and cut it with your cutting machine. (My image was 12″ x 7.78″) The SVG and PDF files can be downloaded below.


Step 3: Add Vinyl

Now just apply the vinyl to your wall or your sign (here is my vinyl application method) and you are finished! Enjoy!


Child of God

Child of God